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Giving Signals

Indicator signals form a key part of your driving routines - but what about the other signals?

The Hazard Routine

The hazard routine lies at the heart of safe driving - and passing the driving test!

Meeting Traffic

'Meeting' describes dealing with approaching traffic when there is not enough space to pass safely.

Turning Left

The lesson explains how to use the full hazard routine when turning left from a main road into a side road.

Emerging From Junctions

'Emerging' describes leaving a side road to enter a main road or a roundabout.

Straight Reversing

Later you will learn to reverse in different situations - this lesson starts with the basics.

Turning Right

Right turns can be dangerous - this lesson will teach you how you can stay safe and keep other road users safe.


Hopefully you will never experience a situation like the one in the picture - but if you do, this lesson will help!

Reversing to the Right

This manoeuvre is not in the test - but you will need the skills for other manoeuvres.

Safety Tips

These tips include some 'tough love'. We don't want to lecture you, but we do want you to stay safe.


Roundabouts come in all shapes and sizes. The information in this lesson will help you deal with them all.

Stopping on The Right

This manoeuvre was introduced into the driving test in 2017 - but that's not your main reason for learning it.

Driving in Space

OK... Not in a rocket! But you need to control the space around your car to stay safe - we tell you how.