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Reversing Left

This manoeuvre isn't in the driving test - but it's worth learning when you are ready for test.

Using Car Parks

You must be able to park in bays for the driving test - and then for the rest of your life!

Turning the car around

Although this is not a test exercise - you might need to turn around if the test route is blocked.

Parallel Parking

Apart from being a test manoeuvre, without this skill you could waste hours looking for somewhere to park.

Traffic Lights

What the lights men, what to do if they are out of order and lots more about traffic lights and controllers.


Overtaking rarely shortens journey time. But if you must overtake - do it safely.

Pedestrian Safety

All about pedestrian safety and pedestrian crossings, including 'Tiger Crossings'.

Railway Level Crossings

Trains always win in fights with cars! This lesson will teach you how to avoid conflict with trains.


Dual-carriageways need lots of concentration with traffic moving at up to 70 mph.

Road Markings

You will already know a lot about road markings - this lesson will fill in any gaps.

One-Way Systems

All you need to know about one-way systems - even what to do if you are lost!

All Weather Driving

Driving in the UK or Ireland your will get plenty of experience of different weather. These tips will help.

Show/Tell Questions

All the Driving Test Safety Questions. You need to know this stuff to look after your car.

Motorway Driving

Make sure you fully understand this before your go out for your first motorway lesson.

The Drivers' Area

If you haven't checked it out... You can find lots more information in the Drivers' Area